Getting there with Eden’s room!

Now I just want to get rid of the plastic draws (I’ll get storage boxes that fit into the wardrobe so the bits can go in there), get a new carpet, a white bed and maybe a sofa bed so there’s somewhere we can sit for story time. 😊

Can’t believe how big my girl is getting! 9 and a half months old now!

Eden enjoyed her pizza! Made it up using warburtons thins, a pizza sauce from tesco and a little cheese. So quick and easy!


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Happy girl today!

I find it difficult fighting the urge to be selfish.

Eden goes to bed after her milk which she has at 7.30pm, but all I want to do is keep her up and snuggle with her.

Started painting Eden’s room white yesterday. Pink is very hard to cover!

Having a rest day today and hope to continue tomorrow.

Until it’s finished Eden has her travel cot up in our room. Me and Clint slept downstairs last night but will be in the same room tonight. Love watching her sleep.


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Eden loves bath time!

Few random pics of Eden.